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Stéphane Bolongaro, a niçois visual artist, claims to adhere to Dadaism. 

He lives and creates in Nice where he was born. However he is particularly fond of the USA that offer him an endless inspiring influence.   In love with life, this several faceted artist as shy as he is cheerful, as talented as he is thorough, uses humour tenderly and irony discreetly. 

His artwork frequently requires a second reading for those who want to go further in order to decode it.

in the USA

His art is deeply influenced by the States and Pop Art.  So he quite naturally turned to North America to look for inspiration and to immerse himself in the local atmosphere

His emblematic Jack is already identified in Uncle Sam’s country.  It has been taking pride of place outside Miami Beach City Hall for some years.

A man of principle, he heartily defends values. For example, after the devastation of Irma hurricane, he went to Florida with his loyal Totor and lent his support to Florida with a gentle smile.

Les Totor's ambassadors